11 comments on “What a Wonderful Thing We Have

  1. So wait a minute … the French twins, your neighbor's wife, AND Alanis, all with a bad back? You are quite da man, Mistah Bud Weiser ;-)And also very nice. Good answers. I liked them fine.

  2. I bet Alanis gets a lot of dates for the movies.I'm surprised that you have been arrested yet were never expelled from school? Does this mean that in your early years, you more adept at not getting caught.I'm assuming you were John and Gary was Paul.

  3. Hahaha at Mimi Lenox and her globes… No pun intended? loland even more funny was the neighbor's wife prank and hug, I've always wanted to do that… The neighbor's wife I mean…Funny stuff as always!

  4. Hey I missed you when in my blogging funk!I'm beginning to see how your back would hurt…. seriously, hope you find omething to help it.

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