18 comments on “>Thirty Seconds From Mars

  1. That photo of the Towers never fails to tug at the heart, does it?Khan had those creepy ear worms, remember? The only worse thing to happen to an auditory canal is Barry Manilow.

  2. I've had "The Kill" on my iPod now for a couple of years along with "A Beautiful Lie" which is another favorite 30 Seconds From Mars song. Actually I just recently bought a new Nano and my song choices are seemingly endless – love it! By the by, nice fucking table shot – you and Kathy look very happy!

  3. I don't remember seeing the naked girls with big tatas on your desktop, but you may hide that when I'm around. Funny answer to #18. Now folks have to read MY post. 😉 THIS is your favorite age?!! Have a great SUnday Budman… xxo

  4. Closing time is 1?? WTF is that? We don't close till 2 'round here, and yes I'm talking about bars.'Course, maybe you weren't. lol

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