6 comments on “>The Truth is Way Out There

  1. >So many things to comment on today…Golden Showers (ewww!), sex before the first date (how true)…but I'm still laughing over the Mary Poppins pic. That was awesome!

  2. >you? get angry? i thought you were PERFECT!!!you DO look just like your dad and i'm so glad things are going well. have some jelly beans. they curb the anger – trust me. of course CAKE really helps – lol.sooooooooooo good to see you.hugs 🙂

  3. >Element of surprize. : ) Yeppers. Thanks for remembering the song. xxo Funny Golden Showers…I disagree on the aliens, but I'll bring my camera everywhere with me fro now on… have a great weekend Bud Weiser.

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