14 comments on “>It’s 100% Proof, But It’s a Secret

  1. >First of all, I want to officially proclaim that your meme-responding gifts have returned and that the blogosphere is glad to have them back!Which leads me to your "sloth" issues. I'd love to see you take on Lennon's lyrics. And yes, you should be writing sitcoms. I watched Two & a Half Men for the first time last week (I was immobilized because I was giving blood, which made me captive audience). This is the top-rated comedy on network TV? Bud, the public NEEDS you!

  2. >Hehe…back to your ole self answering with style! Loved em all, 'cept that dammm Jill is back. I'm not sure I belive your rescue answer…you are too lazy to blow up balloons. Glad you don't miss that housekeeper who didn;t clean very well… glad to have you home. xxo

  3. >You are funny … and I'm not even talking looks 😉 (that hairdresser … she told me some stories).Haha, seriously, enjoyed it tons : )

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