6 comments on “>Not Exactly Tim Roth

  1. >Are you feeling better Bud? Hope so. The Wii is pretty fun. I like the bowling one, and there is one that has a few different games on it that's kind of neat too.Thunks is fun, but I get a kick out of the Dating Profiles. It just adds to my count of stupid people in the world.

  2. >You sound like you're feeling good. Are you home yet? We like the Wii we got for Christmas. Bowling is fun. Boxing is great for taking out your frustrations and my daughter got the Cabela's big game hunting one with a gun…it is too funny….if you don't kill the beast it will usually eat you. 😛

  3. >Well I like the Dating Profile meme. I liked Thunks too though. The Wii is fun. I played with my kids. The bowling was the only game I didn't totally suck nuts at. I'd play Rock Band with them but I'd do the singing while they played the instruments.

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