16 comments on “>What a Wonderful Thing We Have

  1. >Salma – pretty in pink. She got an A from the fashion police when she wore that. Yummy choice. So I thought this was serious today until I arrived at no. 6 😀

  2. >Oh, Bud! That story about your grandma is so awful! And I appreciated your answer to the religion question, which was fair and thoughtful (as opposed to the question itself, which I sense was condescending).

  3. >Don't hold back on how you felt about your step mother! lol Loved your Mexican dish. Only you would come up with a person!I like the song. Not stuck in my head tho, thank goodness. Have a great week!

  4. >Good answers. I almost answered Salma too. Bob's customer service sounds great; can't imagine a furniture store over here doing that. Wow, your high school sports are way more interesting than ours. Have a great week!

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