8 comments on “>Band on the Run

  1. >I won. duh.Oh, and it depends on which twins you'd want to bring. Personally, I'd prefer Kathy so we could have a Wife Swap marathon (certainly in no way to tick you off) and do some mall damage 🙂

  2. >What would say to Sir Paul? I don't want to meet him because he couldn't possibly be who I need him to be after all these years. But you're probably more mature than I am in these matters, plus you don't have the "God I wish I'd lost my virginity to you, my Lord" overlay going.PS I saw your comment on my blog about the 2002 concert and yes, I recall being in almost physical pain watching those performers. If you do meet him, maybe you could ask Paul to never, ever hire them again!

  3. >Almost philosophical answer for #2. French twins? Do tell us all about them, I don't think you've mentioned them before. And the concert experience is really cool.

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