12 comments on “>But I Kinda Like The Beatles

  1. >I'm not a huge fan of Lady Gaga. But I don't hate her. We (me and my BFF) sing Bad Romance at the karaoke bar…people dance and don't boo us. 😀

  2. >Does remembering Behind the Green Door make you cry because it's on VHS and you can't play it any more?I'm sorry that Kathy encountered an online shamster, but I'm not surprised she was savvy enough to not fall for it.

  3. >Kudos to you for trying…my 6-date rule was in effect buster. Oh, figures you would mention porn as a tear-bringer. lol After you blabbed how smart I was, I told everyone in MY post how I fell for a couple of internet scamsters…that's how I discovered their evil ways.

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