17 comments on “>The Sleep Police

  1. >Oh my gosh, someone else who uses the expression "sucks moose" – I love it! Sometimes I'll amp it up to saying that something "sucks Royal Canadian hairy moose" but that's only when something is really bad!

  2. >I am in the process of buying all of the M*A*S*H Seasons. Linda – "Royal Canadian hairy moose"? I know and RCMP officer that fits that description. Funny Answers Bud.

  3. >You and I are completely on the same page regarding ice cream, which doesn't surprise me, as mint chocolate is the favorite flavor of all the best people. Have you also found that the brighter, more atomic the shade of green, the better the taste?

  4. >Thanks for letting people know this meme was my fault …all because I wanted to get you the he11 out before they closed the breakfast place for the afternoon.;-)Never thought of myself as "rare", but I guess that's a compliment.Happy Monday…sorry I was late to read you…

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