11 comments on “>Now Get Me a Beer

  1. >#7, yeah same here for most of my trips. I think the worst part was the driving. We'd usually just drive straight through from Minnesota to Montana, about 900 miles. So now, I get itchy just going on a 3 hour drive to visit friends or family in state. Have a great weekend Bud!

  2. >My dad totally needed that hat! I think I spent half my teen years grounded for something or other. He never laid a hand on me, but I think I'd have rather taken my licks and got on with it. I missed out on a lot.Meeting Thom would be awesome! Think he'd mind if we all just showed up on his doorstep one day?

  3. >Hehe…actually what time I would be home in the evening is more precise. 😉 xxo WTIT does have some great boys, especially the good humor guy in the white. Even without the connection, I'd enjoy your answers. 😉

  4. >Gah! How could I have forgotten my 3-day bus ride from Oklahoma. It must have been so bad that I'm trying to block out that horrid memory. Your 15 hour train ride is what reminded me. Oh well…Oklahoma isn't blog worthy material. 🙂

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