15 comments on “>The Dating Profiles Return to WTIT Today

  1. >Stef-Yep. Berleen pulled the plug. She offered me the blog, but we both agreed that wouldn't have worked. It was Kimber & Ber's thing. I just filled in occasionally a lot…

  2. >Hi Bud, thanks for informing that this meme is back. I really dunno it stopped or what because i haven't played in a long time. My blogging times now are very limitted that i miss my favorite memes…Dun worry i will play sometime. Maybe not exactly on a Thursday but will try to catch up. I will include this in my thursday meme list. Happy new year!Arlenehttp://www.midlifedancing.com

  3. >I love this dating profiles blog! I've missed it after all these months! Reminds me of when I was single. Amazing you found some of MY quotes… sigh. Glad it's back!

  4. >Glad to see you're back. Only just got home pc back (after almost a month of it being sent off for repair) …. anyways, hope to rejoin soon! Happy New Year to you and your loved ones Bud 🙂

  5. >I'd love to see this come back, and if it's going to be on Thursdays then that'll cover my sarcasm quota for the week. ^_^ I'll post my answers and do Stealing later. Have to go to work now. (Evil children, and crazy old ladies to deal with.) Have a great day Bud!

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