18 comments on “Happy 2011! Pass the Smirnoff…

  1. >Inherit sexual favors? How would that work? And, are you inheriting them from your family? Cuz that would just be weird and considered incesthahahaha….

  2. >#2 — I didn't want to answer that question, either!#4 — I should think that would depend on who one was inheriting them from. [shudder]#9 — since I am just meeting you, I didn't realize you and Kathy were so new. My New Year's wish for the two of you is that your relationship remain as fresh and exciting as it is today through 2011 and beyond.

  3. >Good answers, Bud, especially that tricky number 8! Nothing like trying to trip a person up, eh? Best wishes to you and Kathy for a happy and healthy 2011, I get the feeling that you are well on your way to a banner year!

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