14 comments on “They’re Running Out of You

  1. >Trust me. You don't want hat picture from me.and Egad! Thunks is biting the bullet? For the last time? I bet it was all your fault for posting it this week(nice and early too).

  2. >Sorry to hear the news about TT. I got started on this meme-go-round with TT. I'm actually going to miss it. And I'm with Harriet…you do NOT want a naked picture from here, either…at least not unless I keep my resolutions this year.

    • I am up for season 2, hllufeopy with more success.Can i suggest the change that I start every game with 3 touchdowns, that way i might only loose by 1 or 2 lol.If anyone wants a game before next season do pre season friendlies magically protected so after the match time is reset to before it so no deaths or injuries but no player points either!!!And on a totally different subject anyone going to the casino night on saturday?[]

  3. >No more TT?? that's sad. I think you and Kathy getting together is so dripping with sugar cool. Maybe you needed 35 years to get to a place where you'd work together? (My best friend married a girl he dated briefly -very briefly 3 dates I think – after running into her 23 years later)

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