18 comments on “Just Another Day in Paradise

  1. >Eaglealatighfuckindation You're killing me. LOL I can't wait to see Blow me added to the Rainbow. Dorothy is going to be Way Over The Rainbow with that one. Sarah told me to tell you she sends all the love and Moose shit she can too ya. 🙂 Happy Sunday

  2. >Nyahaha if i were your child, and you named me Eagleatighfuckindation, I would surely mad at you for it is hard to a child to write with such a long name…hahahahha.Happy SS

  3. >Good answers (almost as good as Sarah's). Especially liked the bed sheets answer, and liked the funeral choice (though I probably said the same thing the last time you answered that question). Have a great Christmas!

  4. >Crappe, thanks for crediting me for the steal on a crumby meme. 😉 Liked your bedsheets as child answer and the Happy to see you one. I can't stand Jimmy Buffett. I don't think I am totally alone on that. Lewis Black rocks! xx

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