14 comments on “Women With the Wrong Children

  1. >I've been saying for the better part of forever that the US is missing a prime opportunity by not legalizing marijuana at the very least. Just the tax on sales from snack foods alone would get this country of debt and heading in the right direction!

  2. >Love the photo of you and Kathy. I agree with you 100% about pot (after all, I live in Chicago, where those Prohibition-era killings are a part of our lore, and I would have hoped we'd learned from that failed experiment with outlawing booze). And I'm so glad you posted your Saturday 9 *before* the Friday night orgy!

  3. >I agree on the pot legalization. Sorry Friday night was boring for you… no orgies this week. 😉 You DO know how to hold court. I'm learning something new every day.

  4. >Yeah, I agree about what you said about drugs. It is the money that causes all the violence.BTW, Southington drive in back and run by the town's park and rec dept.

  5. >Okay so you are saying that Cyrstal Meth, heroin for example should be legalized? hmmm thinking…thinking…not so sure about that one. Great photo of you and Kathy…I'm sure your Friday night event would include the FT…but the way you treated them with the present who knows when they will return. Happy Saturday 🙂

  6. >Thom-Yep, if you're stupid enough to do meth, go ahead and kill yourself. We know smoking & alcohol kills but we shouldn't outlaw it. All I care is about the crime. I don't give a shit about meth hoes.

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