12 comments on “Meet Me at the Mall

  1. >#6, sadly it doesn't end in the parking lot. It just continues on into the store. People just need to chill the hell out. It's just another damn holiday. If you can't get the present you want…give 'em a gift card! Problem solved!

  2. >Well listen to Harriet…tomorrow is a special day…pffft..Oh yeah I know what it is. 🙂 I can't believe you would give the FT what they wanted. Shame shame shame on you. LOL Have a great day

  3. >I cannot understand why people fight over a parking spaces that are two or three spaces closer to the mall and then they walk around the mall for hours. Come on people, walking another 50 feet is no big deal.

  4. >I don't do mauls, either. Consider the name — people have to know their senses and their wallets are going to be mugged before they even go in, so why do it?

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