20 comments on “Just Trying to Make Lemonaid

  1. >Trust me…you want my clothes on me…Hey Hunter- you got a good one there too:)You know, that Thunks thing kind of got me too. You were nice to help them out. Guess we need a new Thursday thing to do now.

  2. >What's with this "Gary Hunter" crap? You mean you are known by names other than "Bud Wiser?" What will you tell me next — that you don't really know Jill Hennessy? That the twins aren't really French?Bud, you break my heart! Thank God I still have your dog Happy to believe in ….

  3. >Funny-silly answers! I share the same sentiment with Harriet! tee-hee-hee.I'm better with my clothes on.

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