18 comments on “A Slim Jim of a Chance

  1. >Good answers. Lynette and I also love Outsourced (hopefully she's Tivo-ing it for me). I keep hoping my iPod will break down to give me an excuse to buy a newer higher-capacity sleeker movie-playing one, though it sadly seems to be indestructible. Have a great week and hope your lady gets better soon.

  2. >I hope Kathy gets well. Pneumonia is not fun and once you get it, you're always in danger of getting it again. I know because it's happened to Cubby. That's great about her job, though.Tacos are yummy. Your neighbor is a stick in the mud. He needs to build a bridge and get over himself. LOL.Have a wonderful Sunday, Budrick.

  3. >I enjoyed Thunks too but, the hosts…um…well…like Thom says, it helps to comment people back when you're hosting a meme.I know there were a few ticked off people. I'm not sure they have the time to host it and dumping everything on someone nice enough to bail them out once or twice…um well..not cool. I say we start a new Thursday meme- recycle meme day and we just repost old stuff.

  4. >Outsourced is Thursday Night dear. 😉 Thanks for the mention on both my marathon illness.It was cute when you got all excited about having tacos. Thursday Thunks was not even your meme, yet you were gracious enough to help Berlene and Kimber what wound up being several weeks of your helping hand posts…I was a little ticked off they implied you were at fault for the past 2 weeks for not continuing to offer your help… Berlene and Kimber need to post their own meme! Frankly, it's turned me off of wanting to play TTs at all.I think those FTs will remain upstairs until you move…

  5. >Harriet-They are not posting on their blogs much anymore. They strictly use facebook. I think your idea is fine, and I'd play, but I think the addition of doing a Thursday meme was too much for me…

  6. >You must be the most amazing salesguy ever if you can use that phrase and still close the deal! :-)Hope Ms. K's health improves dramatically this week, and you don't catch whatever this is!!

  7. >I'll have to catch up on Outsourced, you are the second person this weekend to mention it.I hope DJKathyA is feeling substantially better very soon! And good luck with the new job.

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