20 comments on “Outsourced: The Blog

  1. >NAMASTE. Rochmad, now it is time for to make nann for tonight's meal side. Tell Bud to tell your bossman how good you are doing to get a raise in pay for another room to let my sister's family live in there rather than our main sitting room.

  2. >Haha, too funny … it did get me thinking how sadly unoriginal the blogging world is at times. This post was a definite breath of fresh air 🙂

  3. >Great post, Rochmad (would be cool if your surname was Amadeus). That curry looked delicious (and there was me thinking navratan korma was a tennis player). Have a great week, and pass my regards to Bud, who's truly a visionary (maybe this time next week everyone will have outsourced their blog and we can all put our feet up Sunday rather than stoop to stealing).

  4. >You've outdone yourself Budwick!I'm wondering if Thunks will get outsourced too….BTW- Mayhem is gonna find some Thunk questions this week.Sure is quiet without the bus driver around telling us to bite him.

  5. >First of all, it really is me. LOLBudwick…that picture hiding under the desk. Here in America we say "crack kills"…LOL!God I missed this blog!

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