10 comments on “You Can’t Convince Me Otherwise!

  1. >Gawd, sorry, too many typos in my previous comment so I dumped it. Yeppers, I do believe that is Sam herself, Harriet! Thanks Bud for the nod on the song. A J.Buffet beats out a B.Joel, however, and Buffet comes up way too much on your shuffle. Always enjoy reading your answers and viewing those unusual photos you scavenge up off the net. Twins away for the weekend? Have a good one cutie! 😉

  2. >Now, whenever I have the choice between two vodkas, I choose Smirnoff because of you. Do your employers appreciate the blogosphere outreach you do?Love your headache answer. I'm plowing through Cynthia's book about John Lennon and while she has an interesting story to tell, she has the most annoying way of telling it. "I was the happiest I had ever been, except …" "We had a lovely evening, until …" NOTHING pleases that woman! I'm starting to see Yoko's appeal.

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