14 comments on “Bad Girls Go Everywhere

  1. >But I am a good girl Bud! …err…ummm…well an interesting one anyway, guess it counts. Loved your 13 for Joel lyrics. I've heard you sing Don't thing Twice…a good one for you. Poor Terry Jacks…I kinda liked that song. How about Muscrat Love by Capt & Tennile? That one was badder. Yeppers, that beard was shaved wasn't it? nod nod wink wink. : ) xxo

  2. >#6 LMAO…only you Bud, only you! Yeah, I had a good laugh the other day on the news when the mentioned Moss getting the ax. Or as the said "84 got 86ed". Good residence.

  3. >New York Delis are awesome. At first I thought the twins were looking a bit long in the face but then I scrolled down…I liked your 13 things. I'm still on the cold meds so I just passed on that one.Hope you and your lady have a lovely weekend!

  4. >OMG, Harriet's question just made me choke on air: the mental picture there.I like "Seasons in the Sun" but only about twice a decade, and I am a sucker for sappy songs. How alliterative is that?

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