14 comments on “The Worst of Two Evils

  1. >…and if it's a boy, will it be BUD LIGHT? I ran into that Klingon costume in the closet and was honestly frightened folks. I agree on the CT Senate race…ick.

  2. >Usually I'm passionately for a candidate, and this time around I find myself passionately against the tea party-backed gentleman. It makes me a little melancholy because I'd rather be for than against. You bring up a good point about the Tea Partiers — will they still be so anti-Washington when they are in Washington?Congratulations, Grandpa!

  3. >Aww…grandpappy again! that's wonderful! I look at politics now the way bill hicks did–"I think the puppet on the left represents my views…I think the puppet on the right represents my views…wait, isn't the same person controlling both puppets? Shut up and drink more coke!"Hope y'all feel better. I've been sick for the past week myself. No flu, just a nasty ass cold. Be well, Budrick.

  4. >I hope you and Kathy are feeling much better soon! Too bad to miss out on the festivities at the Great Pumpkin Festival. I've been there before and it's a blast.

  5. >Up here in New Hampshire, the same message just different faces, I hate Obamacare, I'll cut taxes. But they never say what they are going to cut.Maybe on the way home tomorrow, I'll stop by Keene.

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