26 comments on “Goodbye Yellow Brick Thunks

  1. >Oh hey! Whoa! Wait a minute here! Do you mean to tell me that you're really NOT a man-whore?? Wow … I am so disillusioned to hear that Bud Weiser is really just an altar ego; this is almost like finding out there's really no Tooth Fairy! Seriously, though, if your lady knows the real you and she's good with the blog-you then it sounds to me like you've found the perfect match (or as close to it as one can get at any rate!)

  2. >You definitely are a great father. : ) Yeppers, the twins are cool with me. 😉 Methinks an MRI is not what comes first to mind when one thinks "tranquil". Brian is cool. I like how they have the wave of stars sceened behind his head.

  3. >I thought the reason why most people have blogs was to be some fictional version of themselves…I don't really wear a fez and galoshes…all the time, that is. And as long as Kathy understands, isn't that all that matters? AS king Thom would say, pfffft to the critics.I have to agree with your lady about the MRI…claustrophobic is what comes to mind, but as long as you were chilling…(hope all is well with you, BTW)Enjoy the weekend, Bud(rick) And make the twins cook up some soup for your sick lady.

  4. >an MRI is far from my idea of tranquil – it's panic attack X 1000 After several failed attempts to have one done, I have to be knocked out to go anywhere near those things. the open one or the tunnel of doom.have a super weekend Bud!

  5. >You mean to tell me that Bud Weiser isn't your real name? pffft…where the hell have I been. So I suppose the FT aren't real either? I'm crushed…how will I ever recover from this dramatic information. If TT crashes and burns oh well. People gotta take responsibility for their meme's I suppose. And they should also comment on the meme's the host. I don't think I ever get a comment from either one of those two pffft…Oh well. Happy Saturday 🙂

  6. >Somehow I never imagine you feeling "tranquil" around naked women …And yes, I know it's "Bud Weiser" I'm imagining, not the real man. It's obvious how much you respect your Lady, and it's also obvious you're just giving vent to your naughtier side with this blog.

  7. >LOL Bud. I'd say be nice to Minnesota, but meh…I live here and it's too easy to make fun of it. We have Farve…need I say more? Have a great weekend!

  8. >So the FT's and the BJ's are ok? What about JH????Seriously though, I think we all know it's all in fun and that you are a good grandfather/father. Believe it or not, despite the freeloader bashing on my blog, I am a good mother. So, I can relate to what you are saying.You really did resuscitate TT. Thom makes a good point too.

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