16 comments on “Fix the Back, Babe

  1. >That trip you would take sounds wonderful! We know you have your fingers in all the memes. It's a lot of work, I'm sure, but I think we all appreciate you doing it. Thanks for the fun. 🙂

  2. >Damn…..I'm am now officially ANCIENT———only 'cause I can't even remember what I answered for word association of 'pleasure'. Shit indeed. No, not shit as in pleasure…just mocking your answer to rambling on and on….

  3. >Well hell, maybe I should have said Sex…IN the hot tub. Now I feel like I am missing something. Oh well, thankfully some things can be corrected lol

  4. >I didn't answer correctly for the word association…dang. I didn't think I was uptight. I always considered myself downright, upright. I second King Thom. Always a pleasure…or sex…Dang!

  5. >:P I am not very old or uptight! I was just dead tired this morning. Though I still wouldn't have said 'sex' I'd probably have said 'food'! I just have different priorities then you. LOL. Have a great day!

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