20 comments on “No Chocolate Cake

  1. >I'm sorry about your fall. I loved your S&G reference. And, last but not least, I wasn't surprised that you were front and center in that old photo! Hope Jill comes to her senses soon.

  2. >I was gonna say..Aww sorry no cake for you! And send sympathy…then I saw the old belly dancer..and was temporarily blinded! Blinded I tell you! Argh! I need to have my eyes bleached/scrubbed or whatever to remove that image!! Can I send you the bill?!? XP Thanks for the giggles..have a great Sunday!

  3. >That one picture there is just a bit disturbing – I'm sure you know which one! Older belly dancers should cover their bellies a bit better!

  4. >Oh you hit the nail on the head with 35. LOL And that picture of the mother is well just is….LOL How about knife point? Can you change oil then? LOL Tin Man is watching you. Great answers. Have a great week ahead 🙂

  5. >I love the Gin Blossoms–I'll have to check out No Chocolate Cake (which sounds like a sad situation)…Hope you get some good results from your doctor. Chronic pain… yeesh.

  6. >That's a nice answer to #36. Thanks for the WTIT anniversary show photo. Love your names too! My goodness I didn't know belly dancers could go way that old.

  7. >I knew you would like 3…and yes, you ARE touchy feely. I kinda found the older belly dancer inspiring. Confidence rules at any age. ;-)I love that old pic of you and the boys. What a cutie pie…bet you wish you knew then what you know now!

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