15 comments on “It’s Johnny’s Birthday, His 70th

  1. >Thanks for posting this Bud. John was a special man, this is a special day. RIP John – thanks for the inspiration…thanks for the music. I miss you.

  2. >Ditto what Kathy said. John was taken from us way too soon.I'm sure the neighbor's wife and the French twins are relieved to hear that you are dependable. (wink)Enjoy the long weekend, Budster!

  3. >Sir Paul is my love but John is my conscience. I know you understand what it means to miss him. When I first heard Springsteen's The Rising, his post-9/11 CD, and especially the song Mary's Place, I then longed to hear from John. Because while the Boss put my need for hope into words, I knew that John would have been able to articulate my anger for me. He was not only an unflinchingly fierce poet (Mother, Jealous Guy), he was a New Yorker and a pacifist, both, and I looked to him to help me work it thru. And he wasn't there and never will be again and I miss him. It's nice to say this to somehow I know will get it, Bud. Thank you.

  4. >Gal-That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. The songs we did not get to hear, makes me angry. The Beatles playing together again. A lot was taken on that day nearly 30 years ago…

  5. >In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the Word was God. Thank goodness for John, I still memorize the verse :DWhat a project that must be, Bud! I'm sure it was a heck of a read.I was 9 when Lennon passed away, but the theme of his (and the Beatles) music is universal and timeless, so I can relate. I Imagined him on Sir Paul's face yesterday on CNN.Happy birthday, Mr. John Lennon.

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