10 comments on “Can We Just Pretend I Said It First?

  1. >I think EVERYONE could fill in the blank on #1 for you, lol. You definitely push your luck. Hide the salami is not a magic trick! Thanks for the giggles… 😉

  2. >#4 LOL. #6 Had a feeling that would be you answer. #9 Agreed!!! I don't know if I'll watch much of it this year. I like Steven Tyler alright, and J-Lo is ok…but I just don't think this season is going to be that great. I have a feeling it'll be canceled in another year or so…without Simon…it just isn't Idol.

  3. >I agree about Idol. It won't be the same without Simon. And some entertainment/news show said something about Randy being the critical one this time around. I can't picture it. But I'll stick with it for a while.

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