10 comments on “But At Least the Clothes Were Rad

  1. >The staph infection story was scary. So was that double vision pic, but I was happy that the staph story had a happy ending.My younger self would have made fun of my current self for knowing my FICO score, for my younger self was too fine to be concerned with such thing. GAWD, my younger self was a pretentious ass!

  2. >A whole wardrobe? Does that mean you were a kept man? A boy-toy? Had a sugar mama?Add me to those glad you kicked the staph infection and lived to make us laugh another day. I've known a couple of people who've had that….scary shit.

  3. >No fairs on that credit score thingy! Hey, your fashion answer was spot on…but I appreciate the nod in #4. ;0) Two thousand zer zero party overtime! Hey, I gotta do Prince on the R & R Friday meme! Thanks for the snickers BudWeiser…

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