18 comments on “It’s Raining Men

  1. >It must be your "niche" to answer meme questions so cleverly…The blue door line was cute, all 17 times you used it…Those sweat pants are STILL "Trailer Park" (or "Trailer Hood" as it's apparently called now). Dang if you don't start shoppin' at WalMart next…methinks your only recipe is Smirnoff on ice in a glass…

  2. >So…your favorite disney film was Old Yeller?Ain't nuttin wrong with WalMart on a Sunday, BTW. Especially if you want to see fupas on parade and crying babies with their lovely parents who take the time to show their awesome parenting skills…smell that? That's sarcasm.Luff ya!

  3. >Debster-I actually thought Haley Mills was hot. I dated blondes, my first wife was blonde and my first girlfriend after wife # 1 was blonde. Then I discovered brunettes. Kathy is the first blonde in over a decade…

  4. >Since I'm sitting here wearing a Beatle t-shirt myself (cover of Anthology 1), I like to think of that look as Trailer Park Chic.Tell whoever if responsible for the Smirnoff Grand Cosmpolitan that they are aces in my book. Thank you.

  5. >Okay here's the deal. If you brought back TDPM on Tuesday you would be going up against my meme The Muffed Target which by the way you and Harriet both don't participate in. But do I say anything? Nope to busy dealing with a 69 address, French Twins, raining men here in Honolulu and the price of tea in China. Go figure. Happy Sunday.

  6. >I couldn't agree more on Number 4! If someone leaves me a spam comment I just delete it as soon as I can. Word verification is a total pain in the ass – especially when it doesn't take the first time or two even when you know you spelled the word right – or whatever that jumble of letters is supposed to be!

  7. >Thanks for not making me go far to view your favorite blog. It's been a long weekend and I'm tired. The blue door surprised me, though. I would have thought you were more of a "green door" man. ;)Shoot! I forgot about "Outsourced" too. What night is that on?

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