20 comments on “And in the End…

  1. >Buster Hyman LOL You are too clever for words my friend LOL 🙂 Poor old Judd must have taken quite the fall for you growing up LOL Know wonder he steals meme's in his older age LOL. You shudder at sexual favors? Are you ill? LOL Great answers. This came up to late for me to do. Maybe next week. 🙂 Have a great Saturday 🙂

  2. >I can just see you as a "Ferris Bueller" type of kid who's grown up and hasn't changed…Thank god, somethings stay the same 😉 Have a good 9'er or 3'er or whatever your preference is today, lol..

  3. >Unfortunate fashion trends for men:Polyester Leisure SuitsBanana HammocksMesh T-shirtsSoul patchesMulletsglow in the dark condoms.just sayin'…Have a wonderful weekend with your lovely lady, Bud!

  4. >Yeah, there are fashion trends for guys. Like the guy who taught the workshop yesterday with pants that were about 4 inches too long. At least he didn't have a pocket protector.He was teaching a class of all women… I never knew women could be so cruel.

  5. >Got out of that fashion question pretty fast Judd twin… Debster pegged some good ones. Very sweet of you on #7. Gets you a free pass during our next argument… 😉 xx

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