16 comments on “Book Him, Danno

  1. >Damn! I forgot 5-O started this week. :(I wasn't thrilled about the drug cartells, either, but with Africa don't you have to worry about pirates and warlords?Have a great Thursday!

  2. >Apple picking is fun and I'll just bet Kathy knows how to bake an awesome pie.I won't do Africa. Giant mammals, lots of desert, no food…no way.Great Thunks this Thursday, Bud. Thanks for making up the meme.

  3. >Well your 4AM right now I think is still my 1AM and I'm usually still awake, so yeah I could call. LOL Once DST ends then it will be my 2AM since Arizona doesn't do that silly changing time stuff. Great questions Bud and thanks again for taking up so much of my slack lately. You rock! 😉

  4. >Duck Motherfucker ROFLMAO!!! Touche' I'm glad you liked Hawaii Five-O. It was good but I hope they don't make Alex's character Steve so god damn angry. LOL Glad you like the scenery. It's fun to watch it and see where they are. And don't think you are riding my bus. I"m going along for the ride as well. Of course TT came up to late for me to do as did WW. Oh well….such is life. I bow to Harriet being busier then me this week LOL

  5. >Actually, making Apple Butter…will be getting Bud to appreciate the change of seasons.,..not whipped…yet. lol BTW, safer to expect the Smirnoff to take the edge off your day!

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