17 comments on “I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

  1. >Holy Cow! As I would say in 9th grade, "Do we gotta know this for a test?" on your LOOOOooong answer on a Beatles song. Still, you are cute and funny. Was waiting with bated breath on your furniture answer…figures you would say blow me!

  2. >You're the one who bought the lyrics, aren't you? I liked your earlier answer about John because I often wish I could hear what he's thinking now — at almost 70, having lived through the last 30 years. Like how would 9/11 have inspired him (as both a pacifist and a passionate New Yorker), would he have had a Jacko comment similar to his response to The King's death ("Elvis died when he went into the army") that would have cut through all the maudlin bullshit, what kind of music would he be doing ….?

  3. >Your number 8 could have been a post in it's own LOL Big Ta Ta's LOL too funny. Blow me…thinking…thinking…ROFLMAO Have a great Saturday 🙂

  4. >I never knew that about "A Day In The Life". I don't know how many times we sat around in our smoked filled dormitory room listening to it. My memory is kind of hazy about back then.#4 Mmmm… buttered lobster is my favorite with a Lipator chaser.

  5. >We've discussed your favorite Beatles song and if you DIDN'T pick this one, I would have been disappointed, really! You're going to kill me but I like the bad boys, the "arch-enemy" of the Beatles, The Rolling Stones. I know though they were all good friends…I think. Really interesting though about their mutual friend who died. The Stones had a song about him too…Have a Jill kind of Saturday ;)I like the new look of your blog too!

  6. >You remind me of Mr. Bears, Bud. He's an avid Beatles Fan as well. Cubby's favorite movie for a long time was "Yellow Submarine" and his favorite song from the film is "Hey Bulldog."I had the same answer for the "word" question, but i don't have the balls to actually type the word, F*@k.Enjoy your weekend!

  7. >That's a beautiful photo of Jill today. Love the story of A Day in the Life. Ah John Lenon: a dreamer , I say, but he's not the only one 😀

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