18 comments on “It Was Kristen, Have A Great Night

  1. >What is so wrong about tatt.s coming up unless you have the Tasmanian devil or french twins? 😉 Jill is absolutely beautiful, but I know you know that Kathy is the one who owns you, heart, soul and body…So, Jill is out of luck, lol..

  2. >Thanks Wendy for the Bud comment! Sorry Ace…I'm new to the meme thingy…had not realised that tatt questions abound beyond tolerance levels. Won't happen again. : )

  3. >If I were Eva Mendes, I wouldn't wear clothes either. But, alas, I'm not. Still won't wear fur, though. I'm not about to go running to the nearest parlor to get inked, either. Although, maybe if I get an angel on my shoulder, my devil might go bye-byes….hm…one to grow on.Peace to you and Kathy!

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