26 comments on “I’m Just In It for the Laughter

  1. >Okay the numbers are reversed and this came out to late for me to do so I don't know if it's you or K or B but clever in the numbering. You sure it isn't garter belts coming off? LOL. Happy Thursday.

  2. >I think #6 is a good question to ask. I'm usually pretty lucky with my work schedule, I only have to deal with school bus and cross walks when I open at 9am. Happy Thrusday!

  3. >For #10, you commented on one of my posts first and when I came to check out what your blog was all about, it was that Google warning that made me all the more curious about it 🙂 I'm glad I went beyond the warning because you are freaking hilarious!

  4. >An Aria? Like the one from Madame Butterfly? Do you sit in a corner and switch the light on and off as well? Are these too many questions? Am I bothering you? Wait, don't answer that last one…

  5. >#10…No way, the warning just makes you want to know what you're missing.#1…I'm sorry. I'd drive faster but you wouldn't believe how upset they get when you're flying down the road with the little darlin's still clinging to the steps. 😛

  6. >I can't believe you've posted so many posts…You do love to talk though, so no big surprise 😉 I also love the song "A Day in the Life"..the way it starts out and builds, whooops, I almost sound like I'm talking dirty here, lol…I'd say my fave. Beatles song is "Back in the USSR" because they do such a fun time with the Beach Boys parody who happens to be one of my fave. groups too…Isn't it nice when you can, er…"relax" now that you don't have to take care of the kids so much? Do your kids have your humour, talent and love for twins like you?

  7. >I live 2 blocks from a high school. The entrance to my complex is on the road that the school busses, teachers, and "gulp" seniors use to get to Main St. ( seriously – i thought it was hilarious that I was making my husband move around the corner from Main St – He already referred to my town as "mayberry North" when we got married) So I can't get in or out without a lot of aggravation between 301 and 320 pm. (of course what time to I get home on Wed & Fri between 3 and 330 – but officer I was just trying to beat the kiddies to my driveway…") fortunately in the morning they piss off my husband when he's late – I 'm at work at 4am I miss the morning rush ;P

  8. >Wendy-I read a couple of things recently about those songs. That build up in A Day in the Life was Paul's idea to sound like, well what you thought. I understand that it was actually Brian Wilson who suggested the parody when he heard the song…

  9. >Facebook games really get on my nerves. It's been better since I learned to hide game notifications, but some of my friends play a different game everyday! So, a new post shows up in my feed anyway! Grr!

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