14 comments on “I Ain’t Got You Babe

  1. >Here it is Tuesday Morning and Wednesday Wickedness is already up LOL Too funny. I'm so with ya on number Mr. Jill Hennessy LOL Have a great Tuesday 🙂

  2. >Number 3 couldn't be more true. I think you're right about Gen X's thinking, too…though the Boomers seem to be thinking differently as they age.

  3. >I can't believe there's no twins or Jill comment thrown in there. Just a Thelma and Louise, which hey, "all is fair in love and war" right? The royal "we are amused" Bud, lol…Be your usual wicked self today 😉 Oh and see if the new "captcha" meets your approval or not, lol…

  4. >I just hate it when the laws of gravity ruin a really good exit. "hung like a raisin?" I highly doubt that…and I love that your Lady called you Mr. Hennessey. She's a good sport.Heart you much, Bud.

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