12 comments on “The Return of Monday Mayhem

  1. >Pictures of naked people sounds good toi me. LOL I agree they have to be kept simple. Rock N Roll Fridays to me is just as hard as the dating profiles meme. It's not coming up with the answers actually, it's getting it set up that is a bitch to do. Getting things bold and all. But that's just me. I'm sure you have noticed on mine I've quit with the photos. Takes too long for me to do that and with all the meme's I do something had to go. However, my answers are still as witty as always, picture or not ROFLMAO!!! How's that one LOL I'm glad you got the text as well. Best text I'm sure you've ever got…oh wait, I'm sure the one for the judge granting the divorce was just as good. Have a great Monday.

  2. >Thom-I know what you mean about RRF. It's layout is a bit complicated. The questions are always goo. You are right about your wit, seriously. I could never do more than one a day. I find doing the pics as interesting as the answers…

  3. >Hey- you're right. KISS- as they say. I tend to over-think things sometimes. I really appreciate your input. Thanks!I needed some time off to deal with losing my dad so I cut back on a few things- MM was one of them. Any ideas are appreciated.Take care.

  4. >I appreciate anyone who has the time to make up a meme. I doubt I could do it.Nakey pics are a good idea. As long as you don't ask for mine. There isn't enough eye bleach in the world for that one. (Mr. Bears is blinded by love but he's it.)Enjoy the time off, Bud!

  5. >OK, the Rock n Roll meme comments are appreciated. Janera and I will work on that. Bob Dylan coming up soon! Enjoyed your answers as usual Bud. This is a fun meme on Monday. Harriet keep it going! : )

  6. >It's kinda unbelievable that guy who knew never told you what just happened. We here (on the other side of the world)found out before the second plane hit. I was having dinner in a floating restaurant with then hubster and his colleagues.You're so right about suggesting simplicity for Mayhem, as well as your take on the life and death of other memes. I wager keeping it simple will work, at least with me as I'm usually grappling with one little unwilling brain on Mondays.Pictures of naked people might make Mondays livelier too but, to borrow Thom's, it's just me 😀

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