18 comments on “You’ve Got to Be Free

  1. >I agree with you about the blog persona..truth filtered…and I'm so glad Kathy gets it.I miss D'Angelos. I was a Masshole for six years.Peace be with you, Bud. Have a great lazy Sunday!

  2. >What!? Kimber and Berleen are part of your imagination??? No way? You got me on them. That would explain why neither of them have visited me recently.BTW- Monday Mayhem is back 🙂

  3. >Your answer re: the blog persona intrigues me. We know how your lady — who met you before reading your blog — feels about it. How do those you knew you first from the blog and then meet the real you respond to the difference in personalities?And the photo of Elton kinda scared me.

  4. >LOVE the answer on problems with alcohol. Funny you and I both had the same replies about what we would fix in life. Berlene and Kimber are going to be mad you outed them. I never liked Come Together, but I do think Paul was the cute one. Happy Sunday Mr Weiser! xxo

  5. >Love the picture of Lil' Bud with #2. Just a little prodegy weren't you? 😉 And I have to admit I've become a believer in the powers of Smirnoff and lemonade…though I still really like the blueberry lemonade.Have a great week Bud!

  6. >Good answers. Especially liked your worst alcohol experience. Astonished that someone who spells British with two T's can moan about us adding letters that aren't needed to words; besides those extra U's are needed, otherwise our words would score less in Scrabble and our society would crumble as a result. On the other hand, you're so right about the Matrix sequels, I can't think of anything sadder. Have a great week!

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