16 comments on “Coo Coo Ca Choo

  1. >Between Kathy, the twins, and Jill, you're a really busy man, Bud! I can just bet your "Lonely Hearts…" Club would be shut down, either by Google or Big Brother…Have a good 9'er! And yes, I'll change the Captcha just for you, lol…

  2. >Can you be more clear on number 8? LOL too damn funny. I cannot believe for the life of me that you let poor Michelle be like that…pffft…They are FT remember…what you do for one must be done for the other, simultaneously!!! Have a great Saturday 🙂

  3. >Love your Club idea. But sadly, as John once said to Paul in A Hard Day's Night,* the band has become "a limited company."*I love that I can come here and trot out all my Beatle references with a connoisseur.

  4. >waaa i belong to lonely hearts…lol.I enjoyed reading your S9 and Sunday Stealing..thanks for the laugh.BTw. thanks for the correction on 9er's haha it should be 9 Q and not 10 Q haha.

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