12 comments on “Isn’t She Lovely?

  1. >Oops, I had a typo and went to fix it and it said I deleted the comment! Anyhoo…LOL Harriet! No, I was not the one who fell for Bud's virgin line. I know better!Bud…thanks for posting yet ANOTHER pic of us holding hands over food. People are going to think that is all we do with our time! ;-}

  2. >You and the immaculate mother Mary? Well, I guess you could have said a stork brought you the babies and you and your ex. practiced tantra and that's why you were a virgin? Isn't that a little more plausible? 😉 Bud, I can always count on you to make me spit whatever I'm drinking out because I'm laughing..And NO, I don't mean a protein shake, lol..

  3. >Nope, sorry. My dad owned the immaculate conception story. As he always used to tell me…his mother was Mary, his father was Joseph, and just listen to how often his mother was muttering 'Jesus Christ.'Ya know, I think Kathy might be mellowing you. You are seeming a bit more easy-going in your answers these days. Go, Kathy!

  4. >I still don't understand why google put a warning on your blog but then again, the tassle on my fez gets in my eyes sometimes…Are you sure it's a devil on your shoulder and not your dad?Meet ya at Crazy Sam's!

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