26 comments on “Too Much Time on My Hands

  1. >I really liked the answer to 11. :). The FT's are looking good. What cute names. Might they be ghosts as well? Maybe hanging with Judd. LOL. Have a great Thursday. 🙂

  2. >Crying all the way to the bank with our ex's aren't we? Paul Revere and the Raiders…I know that name, what were there big songs. I want to see Journey, come out, but forgot to see that. And if you meet Paul you better write a meme with him! 🙂

  3. >Sweatpants are sooooo trailor park… thank god(dess) you're handsome enough to get away with it. Thanks for posting my concert pics…but where's the one with us eating the fried dough? Enjoyed your answers…well…err…most of them. As usual, I chuckled and snorted my coffee…

  4. >Really? And here I thought it'd be fun to have a horde of flying monkeys! At least the having them do your bidding part. Not so sure the clean up would be much fun. ^_^ Have a great day!

  5. >I'll jump into this meme later, if I get a chance.Bud, if you're still looking for a meme to steal, I'll be posting one (with a theme even!) called "The Agency" – probably tomorrow, if not sooner.

  6. >Did Dennis do Desert Moon? Love that song. He has an awesome voice. I dropped Styx like a bad habit when Mr. Roboto came out, though.P.S. Your "patient's" rug does not match the drapes. Tacky. LOL

  7. >I loved Styx…the concert looks like it was a great time. I have a long list of "blasts from the past" I'd like to see….KISS, REO Speedwagon, Stray Cats, Eagles, Billy Idol…..

  8. >I've seen Dennis DeYoung live several times–with and without the rest of Styx–and he has a wonderful voice. I just can't watch him–he emotes FAR too much. ;-)Why would Berleen throw her coffee table…anywhere?? …so confused….

  9. >Cat.-It was Kimber who would up on the Life Star helicopter after hitting her head on her coffee table.Dennis was unbelievable. A week ago I knew his band but not his name. Great band, terrific performance PLUS he's stayed with his wife 40 years! Wow.

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