23 comments on “Come Sail Away

  1. >Honor and morality? You? I thought the FT trained you better. Ooo what a squeeze that must be. BTW I've tagged you on my blog. Happy Sunday. 🙂

  2. >I hope you took some pictures at the Woodstock Fair to share with us! Even though it's not that far from me, I haven't been in years as the last time I went it was just too overly commercial for my liking. I will be going to the Big E sometime this month but only because I've entered a couple of pictures in the Photo Competition and they sent me a couple tickets and a parking pass!

  3. >I like your obscenity, chauvinism and clear perversion 😉 If a meme host can't take your humour well, screw her! not literally of course. And remember there's always voodoo doll for creepy ex-stalkers, esp. Dragon Ladies 😉 Hope your Sunday was worth stealing and thanks for hopping on by my blog, I always love your obscenity, lol…

  4. >"Can't give up my morality" rofl! Neat logic on the cell. I love Styx; listened to them at a time I was supposed to listening to Old MacDonald.

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