22 comments on “What the Fuck Was Her Name?

  1. >ROFLMAO!!! Floss!!! Boy the FT sure have disappeared recently. Funny story. I was just on Harriets blog reading her S9. Now seeing it twice I'm still even more debating whether to do it. LOL See I didn't leave you outta the loops this time ROFLMAO!!! Happy Saturday 🙂

  2. >I would have loved to have been at that golf course with those priests, lol!!! And it seems like a lot of us have regrets over our ex.'s and marriages, but I look at it as if you hadn't have married your ex. then you probably wouldn't be with the person you now love…Lessons learned, right? Have a niner Sat. 😉

  3. >OK Buster…I'd like to think I rated SOMEWHERE in your new life for the past 10 year change question…nada…but alas it's those twins again! Talk about a thorn in my side… enjoyed the rest of your answers tho, and you are a cutie pie… ;-}

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