14 comments on “Thank You, Thank You Very Much

  1. >LOl at the damn it's freezing in here picture. LOL Too funny. 🙂 I think you number 9 is right on the money 🙂 Have a great Friday 🙂

  2. >looks scary. Thanks for the image…the steroid guy…it will haunt me all day! Aww sweet answer to #12…and witty is not so "70s"…witty is more "aughts" cuz we need humor these days! Thanks for the giggles.

  3. >Scorpios also rule the sex organs, so no wonder you always comment about the world's greatest wonder…I love your answer about what you're going to be doing when you're older, may it happen with good health and humour 😉

  4. >Everything but….well, you know….is popping and bulging on that guy. It looks kinda lost in all that mass. Oh well, can't imagine who but himself is gonna touch it. 😛

  5. >Eeew, muscles like that are so nasty. It's total overkill and just plain gross! Wrestling is a lot like Soap Operas in some ways. But at least the soap people are better actors in most cases. ^_^ Have a great weekend!

  6. >I did not realize you are a co-Scorp. Yup, not a shock. ;-)I doubt your 'wrestler' would be able to do much–he's more of a bodybuilder, a slightly different breed of Weird.Have a Supah Weekend!

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