10 comments on “My Sister’s Wedding

  1. >OMG Bud you are for real. No French Twins at the wedding? LOL Each and everyone of these photos are excellent. I have never in my life seen a pink limo. How cool is that. Thanks for sharing that special day. What a wedding it must have been. Very well done. Congrats to the bride and groom. I wish them many many years of wedded bliss. Let's hope your sister doesn't listen to you in the marriage department LOL

  2. >i 2d what thom said! i've never seen a pink limo either and it's fabulous. all you "budweisers" have the same smile!!! you & kathy look fabulous and dad looks HONKY DORY for sure. wish i had a dance with him!!!glad you stopped by. i've been so busy and my father-in-law passed away so we just got back from OK. talk about hot?????? it was 107 plus all week. nice to be back in sandwich, illinois. it's only in the 70s!!!!hope your summer is going good too. hugs to all.

  3. >It looks like the entire family was having a wonderful time and that it was a beautiful day for a wedding! Nice to see so much of your family and it appears that Kathy fits right in!

  4. >Did ya catch it? Did ya catch it? or Did Kathy catch it? FYI- Tell Janera that she accidentally used the Sat. 9 linky. I hate when that happens.I really did enjoy your wonderful pictures 🙂

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