15 comments on “100 Miles From Memphis

  1. >You owe your galpal a debt of gratitude. A white living room is so temporary. Like a renter who knows he has to restore the apt. before he moves away. Colored walls mean you intend to LIVE in your home. You'll be amazed by how different you feel living in your living room now.I love that Billy Joel song, even though the actual recording makes me feel old. It begins with a station signoff and static. Definitely before the age of 24/7 cable.

  2. >The livingroom looks GREAT! Roasted Cashew is the color. : ) Now it makes the hall look dingy…and the trim…and the door…

  3. >I saw Kathy's comment. What color exactly is roasted cashew? Like a beige? Good for her because white is blah. I wish we could paint in here, but the lease will only allow white. Grrr.You know the hall is next right? Hehehehe

  4. >Did you really write "hide the salami?" giggleHooray for love and living together and painted walls! But will you get married next, or be like Gene Simmons and stay happily unmarried for years?

  5. >Roasted cashew….it's definitely love! 🙂 You'll find your place feels more like a home than a place to crash, I think.

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