8 comments on “All You Need is Love

  1. >As a Paul Girl, I'm not sure that John deserves as much credit for the Lads' success as you seem to be bestowing. But since I listed Paul as my influence, I understand completely where you are coming from. As a matter of fact, I still miss John's voice. Just as I was eager to hear how Springsteen addressed 9/11 and took so much comfort from the song "Mary's Place," I longed to hear from John, too. He had anger management problems, yet he was a "peacenik" and he so loved New York City. I bet he would have and know he could have written something that captured all our feelings and gave us solace. John's been gone nearly as long as he was alive, and I still miss him.

  2. >Gal-I think musically Paul contributed as much as John. They were each other's sounding boards. Paul had the musical vision, like doing the first concept album, Pepper. John had the moral compass of the band. I wish I had seen John live. I've seen Paul once & worked a concert for him. John did not practice what he preached, but I never cared…

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