19 comments on “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

  1. >Good answers. Really enjoyed your justified venom towards the meme writer. Hope I have sparkly teeth when I'm 258 (maybe sparkly teeth will have reached England by then). Have a great Sunday!

  2. >Oh man…where do I start. I thought I was being mean to you knocking this thing and I actually felt a bit guilty because you were nice enough to post it (and others) and I do know how hard it is to find a meme to steal.Anyway…I kinda like the music….

  3. >Your final answer made me snort so loudly in laughter that I was asked to "keep it down, we're watching golf here!" :-)Weren't you just turning 121 last month? Time sure flies….

  4. >OMG….I completely forgot about Susie Chapstick. Dang….maybe I wanted to and you brought her name up again. Guess I go back to therapy in the 'morrow!

  5. >i can't complain about memes..cause after awhile you run out of shit to say…i believe i will stay on the sacrastic side of it all and poke fun at the 12 yr old that made this one up…lolyour teeth? thats the best u can do? how about the hand cuffs on your neighbors wife? come on your slacking

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