14 comments on “They Catch Them in Phoenix

  1. >Now there is one I have no heard in awhile cocksucker, maybe its because my dad has not come to see me in awhile… That is his word, everything is mother fucker or that damn cocksucker, I mean how the hell does dad know its a cocksucker…

  2. >Am I the only one who sees that during the parts of the Buffet video that is shot from behind….the guy to Jimmy's right is a giant Oompa Loompa?

  3. >We're not better at it, just more insane. Maybe I shouldn't post that, men in white coats with a nice padded room might be at our doors!

  4. >R.I.P. Billy Mays…actually Bud, you have inherited a few gadgets from your new roommmate…one of which is the magic bullet blender thingy (used once for a smoothie and never seen again outside the cupboard)…the other is a custome pocket sandwich grill and ice cream cone maker…never used…now residing in the Goodwill bin as we speak.

  5. >Michelle! that's the other twins name! I remembered MaBelle…and I talked entirely too much about these (fake) twins in my post. Oy…And The Cars! OMG how I loved them when I was a kid…oh, I still love them. I bet it was fun show.

  6. >I second the oompa -loompa comment. I was like why did he embed an oompa loompa song?I stopped watching baseball a while ago- still keep up with how the mets are doing in the paper,but I can't watch a whole game on tv anymore. I stick to Am. football, hockey and racing.

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