18 comments on “Time Has Come Today

  1. >I agree with #9. There are some very small things I'd forgive, but when it comes to everything else I can't. Chances are if you were stupid enough to do it once, somewhere down the road you'll do it again. Have a wonderful weekend Bud!

  2. >I find it interesting in reading other responses to this one that in general the 'old' people said no to #9 and the younger (seeming) people were more forgiving. Which circles back to your answer to #2: experience itself.#1 was a great answer! Divorce, if nothing else, brings great clarity! 😀

  3. >i also found divorce to be a great diet!!!! go figure – no pun intended!funny, my ex wound up at my front door and i invited him in. amazed at the change. still hate him tho – lolhugs 🙂

  4. >So are you more afraid of Sarah Palin or her supporters? I can't decide if she's dumb and exploited or savvy and exploitative … Either way, I agree she's a dangerous force.

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