18 comments on “Do You Love Me, Do You Surfer Girl

  1. >How old about 12 when you lost your virginity? LOL. damn the husband still reads your blog? Bastard! Great answers.

  2. >I hope it doesn't take more than a decade to straighten out the mess in the Gulf, but you are right about both parties making a royal mess of it.Where are the twins? Busy competing with the Cupcakes?

  3. >My favorite summer was not when I lost my virginity. Well, at least not the one with a man anyway;)

  4. >LMAO Now I see why I got that msg from Google before entering your site… HAHA Good think I am no prude hah. My husband loves Smirnoff too. Thanks for giving me some laughs. Off to wash my eyes now. :p

  5. >I had to laugh at the "Drill Baby Drill" comment. Wondering if Teabag(gers) might be effective at soaking up oil….

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